The other side of bipolar: Revealing your strengths to move beyond the diagnosis

Riding the Storm: One Woman S Journey Through Bipolar Depression and Beyond
Published: 9/12/2016
Riding the Storm offers hope and a new perspective of mental illness that can help millions of people. A unique combination of memoir and self-help book, it invites us to reexamine our definitions of mental illness as a debilitating disease, and consider another possibility: what if instead of a wrongness, these symptoms point to capacities that are not yet fully understood? What if being bipolar or mentally ill is a sign that you have intelligences…

The other side of bipolar is a personal account written by Lauren Polly, an American.

Lauren received a diagnosis of bipolar at the age of 14, after a suicide attempt. She spent the next 16 years of her life struggling with her illness and in fear of being sectioned in a psychiatric hospital.

Similarly to many of us who have received a diagnosis of bipolar, Polly initially finds it hard to come to terms with her illness and diagnosis. “I thought this was a temporary role – not a lifetime sentence,” she writes.

The first half of The other side of bipolar focuses on Lauren’s early life and warning – it can be a painful read, as she clearly struggles. It is in the second half of the book when Lauren begins exploring different options and starts turning a corner.

As the reader, you are willing Lauren on. While some of her experiences are unconventional and ‘out there’ as she writes about naked yoga and past life awareness, it is a big hearted book which contains nuggets of wisdom.

The other side of bipolar is ultimately a hopeful read that shows how Lauren manages life and her ambitions beyond her bipolar diagnosis.