Loving someone with bipolar: Understanding and helping your partner

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner
This fully revised and updated second edition of the bestselling Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder discusses all aspects of readers' relationships with bipolar partners: work, money, sex, medications and their side effects, therapeutic treatments, and more. Also called manic depressive disorder, bipolar disorder can cause extreme mood swings, and people who suffer from this disorder can alternate between manic and depressed behaviour without much warning. Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder, Second Edition, builds on the…

From the very first page, Loving Someone With Bipolar acknowledges the invaluable support partners of those with bipolar disorder provide. Partners are described as ‘the main caretakers who help people suffering from bipolar disorder when their lives are falling apart’.

Coming in at 696 pages long, Loving Someone With Bipolar consists of 15 chapters. They cover a multitude of issues ranging from a what works list, to work and money and how to create laughter and joy in your relationship.

Loving Someone With Bipolar is extremely useful, not only for the partners of those with bipolar disorder but also for those that have the condition themselves.

Packed full of case studies, it is a very easy to read book, crammed full of useful and helpful information.

When it comes to managing bipolar disorder, the book suggests adopting a holistic approach. It examines the importance of taking medication to manage bipolar symptoms, but also devotes space to diet, exercise, sleep regulation and lifestyle changes.

Other useful suggestions that could help the partner of someone with bipolar, are included and examined. In Chapter 6, the book recommends keeping a journal and learning to respond instead of react.

The final piece of advice to partners – to get on with their life the best they can and laugh and have fun in honour of a future together – provides an uplifting end to an empathetic and thoughtful book.