Future of Disability Benefits – have your say!

From April 2020 the Scottish Government will take full
responsibility for all remaining devolved benefits, with replacement disability
benefits to start their introduction from summer 2020.

The New benefits – Disabled Assistance in Scotland will
be made up of three forms of help:

 Summer 2020 – Disability Assistance for Children and Young
People (DACYP)

 By end 2021 – Disability Assistance for Working-Age People

 Early
2021 – Disability Assistance for Older People (DAOP)

These will replace the DWP administered benefits Disability
Living Allowance for Children (DLAC), Attendance Allowance (AA), and Personal
Independence Payments (PIP). New claims for all of these will be delivered by
early 2021.

Any child or adult living in Scotland who is currently
receiving Disability Living Allowance for children, Personal Independence
Payment or Attendance Allowance from DWP will be affected by the changes.

The Scottish Government have launched a consultation to
gather your views on their proposed approach to delivering the new benefits.
The Consultation can be found on their website at https://consult.gov.scot/social-security/improving-disability-assistance/

AdvoCard consultation Groups

AdvoCard will be running a
number of groups in order to allow individuals who wish to contribute, but feel
unable to provide a full response by themselves, to have a say in the
consultation process. If you are interested in attending or if you would like
to contribute something to our consultation response then please contact Arlene
on 0131-554-5307 arlene@advocard.org.uk