Research Study -Potential Bipolar Breakthrough?

Bipolar diagnosis and treatment can be very subjective. You become aware of your symptoms, discuss them with your psychiatrist, then try a blend of medications until you find one that works… which can take ages.

But what if there was a clear biological marker for treating bipolar disorder? What if there was a scientific, unambiguous way of knowing if Lithium was a good treatment for you?

PROF. DANNY SMITH and DR. NAGORE PENADES believe there may be a link between DNA and receptivity to Lithium treatment and are participating in Europe-wide research to explore this link. You can help by contributing to this study.

WHAT’S INVOLVED: a one-off one hour session in which you have your bloods taken and answer questions about your medical history, treatment with Lithium and childhood experiences.

WHERE: Most of the research will take place in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow but Danny and Nagore want to include participants from all over Scotland and can cover reasonable travel expenses. They could also schedule research sessions in other hospitals throughout Scotland if there’s strong local demand.

HOW DO I QUALIFY: You must be 18+ and have received Lithium, past or present.

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Contact Jacqueline McTaggart on 0141 232 7600 or email as shown below to request further info or book a place on the study. 

WHATS THE PAY-OFF: This research could establish a clear link between DNA and Lithium responsiveness. In the future, Psychiatrists could take a blood sample and know straightaway whether Lithium would be helpful for you or not, removing much of the guesswork around bipolar treatment and enhancing quality of life. 

Bipolar Scotland fully supports this research because of its potential for improving treatment and because Danny and Nagore have always championed our work – please think of contributing if Lithium has ever formed part of your treatment. THANK YOU!!