Inclusion Scotland -Volunteers required

Up to 50 volunteers from across Scotland are being sought for an innovative new project that will help shape the future of adult social care support in Scotland.

The People-led Policy Panel project, being launched by Inclusion Scotland, and funded by the Scottish Government, is a new innovative engagement structure to make sure that people who have lived experience of using Adult Social Care are at the heart of good decision making as they are the experts in their own experiences.

At a time when Social Care is in crisis, “involving people with lived experience can provide unique insights into the barriers they face, and what works and what does not work,” according to Dr Sally Witcher, Chief Executive Officer of Inclusion Scotland.

“Involving them throughout the policy, delivery and evaluation cycle leads to policy which is better informed, more likely to be successful in achieving the benefits envisaged and less likely to waste limited resources. It can also generate creative and innovative approaches,” she added.

“We are looking for 50 volunteers from across Scotland who represent all the different ways that people use adult social care support to create the Policy Panel” said Inclusion Scotland’s Deirdre Henderson.

“A Core Group of 20 volunteers from the Policy Panel will be selected to meet with the Scottish Government, and other decision makers, four times between October 2018 to June 2019. The Core Group will also have direct communication with the Ministers for Health and Sport.

“The main purposes of this new voluntary role are to:

  • Share your experiences of using or trying to use adult social care support in Scotland.
  • Put forward ideas and solutions to issues raised about adult social care support.
  • Respond to policy ideas that the Scottish Government or other agencies want to get your feedback on.
  • Help us design and promote a new way of working that can be used by decision makers to shape policies and services in Scotland.

Inclusion Scotland are seeking applications, by 03 October 2018, from people who are 16 years or older who have received, are receiving, transitioning to, or have been unable to access adult social care support in Scotland. This might be people using social care services or their carers. Full details can be found on the Inclusion Scotland website:

For further information contact: Deirdre Henderson, People-led Policy Officer, Inclusion Scotland or call 0131 281 7378.