Edinburgh Napier University Research

Research Opportunity

Edinburgh Napier University is developing 3 new courses in Social Work, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and is really keen to hear from people who use these services directly or as carers on the following subjects:

1) based on your experiences, what are the qualities, skills, attitudes etc that make a good social worker, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist?

2) what are the key attributes we should look for when selecting students for these programmes? How can we find out whether or not an applicant is suitable?

Your responses will be invaluable in helping the team select the best and most suitable students, and also provide them with the best training.

If you want to offer feedback, please email Dr. Peter Yates directly at p.yates@napier.ac.uk  by 27th April.  You can also let Peter know if you’d be willing for him to contact you again about developing the programmes.