We’re pleased to offer a self-help group specifically for young adults aged 18-30 living with bipolar disorder and their carers. We host a gathering each month to discuss a topic related to bipolar and provide peer-support to each other. Information about events will be included in the website calendar and on our Facebook page. There are plenty of opportunities for socialising; please contact us if you have any event suggestions or would like to join in.

18-30 Group Leaflet

18-30 Group Facebook Page

18-30 Group Comfort Agreement

If you would like more information about the group and/or would like to attend our meetings then please join our mailing list. You can also email us at hello @ lothianbipolargroup.org.uk if you have any other questions. We look forward to welcoming you!

What Happens at Gatherings?

“Before I went along to the 18-30 group, I only knew one other person with bipolar disorder, and I had received a diagnosis a couple of years before. Although, the stigma around mental health is definitely decreasing, coming to terms with a diagnosis, knowing how to talk about bipolar, and trying to prevent the disruption of future episodes, still comes with its challenges. I think facing a mental health problem can be particularly bewildering when you’re young and haven’t got so much experience of previous episodes and recoveries to look back on. The group has helped me to understand the condition much better, to know that long periods of good mental health are possible with it, and to meet other people with similar experiences.

We’ve covered all sorts of topics from smartphone apps to how bipolar is portrayed, good sleep hygiene, addiction, employment rights, and much more. I’ve even had the opportunity to facilitate a couple of sessions of my own, bringing along some notes and questions for us to mull over. While it might seem like a big step to come along to a group like ours, it’s a very supportive, relaxed environment – we have a hot drink and a chat each month, and there are other social events, such as our Christmas meal out, and some semi- competitive ping pong. I’ve made some real friends at the group and I feel we all look out for each other. Overall, the group is something I look forward to each month and unique in its focus on young people with bipolar and our distinct challenges. I’m very lucky not to have had a serious episode for over three years and the 18-30 group has been a big part in that, giving me tools to stay well and helping me to feel optimistic about the future.”

Marcus, 18-30 Group Member


You can watch some videos about bipolar on our website.

Support Options

Bipolar UK’s eCommunity is available 24 hours a day to people affected by bipolar. 20,000 members give and receive support to each other in a safe environment. Under 25s looking for support from people their own age can text, group chat and access phone support through The Mix website.

We also have a list of resources on this website.