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The group maintains a small library of books, CDs and DVDs. To borrow from the library you need to have attended at least two group meetings and registered your contact information with the group facilitators. We normally allow people to borrow items for two months, but please bring them back earlier if possible.

Edinburgh residents who have joined a local council library can borrow from thousands of electronic books, audio books, magazines and newspapers online. 

Library Books

No. Title Author (s)
01 Mind Over Mood Christine A Padesky & Dennis Greenberger
02 The Anger Control Workbook Matthew McKay & Peter Rodgers
03 You Can Heal your Life Louise L Hay
04 Living well with Depression & Manic Depression John McManamy
05 Fullblown David Lovelace
06 Overcoming Depression Paul Gilbert
07 Depression Dorothy Rowe
08 Depression Ross Mitchell
09 The Food Pharmacy Jean Carper
10 Depression: What you really need to know Dr Virginia Edwards, The Daily Telegraph
11 Teach Yourself: ‘Relaxation’ Teach Yourself Series
12 The Easy to Read New Mental Health Act The Scottish Executive
13 Healing for Body, Soul & Spirit Dr Michael Evans & Iain Rodger
14 Overcoming Depression (2 copies) Dr Richard Gillet
15 The Complete System of Self-Healing Dr Stephen Chang
16 Mental Health Matters Tom Heller & Stephen Pattison
17 Coping with Depression & Elation (2 copies) Patrick McKeown
18 Living with someone who’s living with bipolar Chelsea Lowe & Bruce M Cohen
19 Feel the Fear and do it Anyway Susan Jeffers
20 Anxiety Toolbox & CD Gloria Thomas
21 The Optimum Nutrition Bible Patrick Holford
22 Depression: Your Questions Answered Sue Breton
23 Anxiety & Depression Professor Robert Priest
24 Teach Yourself: ‘Managing Stress’ Teach Yourself Series
25 Overcoming Depression Dr Wyndy Dryden & Sarah Opie
26 Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy David Burns
27 Don’t Wait For Me Ros Morris
28 A-Z Good Guide to Mental Health (3 copies) Jeremy Thomas & Dr Tony Hughes
29 The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide David J Miklowitz
30 Oor Mad History (3 copies) CAPS Project
31 An Unquiet Mind (2 copies) Kay Redfield Jamieson
32 Bipolar Disorder – The Ultimate Guide Sarah Owen & Amanda Saunders
33 Undoing Depression Richard O’Conner
34 Classic Walks in Scotland Cameron McNeish & Roger Smith
35 Mood Mapping (2 copies) Dr Liz Miller
36 Bipolar Disorder for Dummies (3 copies) Candida Fink M.D & Joe Kraynak
37 Good Mood Food Michael Van Straten
38 Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorders Mary-Jane Tacchi & Jan Scot
39 Overcoming Insomnia & Sleep Problems (2) Colin A Espie
40 Easy Way to Stop Smoking Allen Carr
41 Learn to Meditate David Fontana
42 I can Make you Sleep + CD Paul McKenna
43 Manic Depression- Illness or Awakening? Robert E Kelly
44 The Mindful way Through Depression Mark Williams
45 Why am I still Depressed? Jim Phelps
46 When someone you love is Bipolar Cynthia G Last
47 Understanding Bipolar Disorder (report) British Psychological Society
48 Touched with Fire Kay Redfield Jamison
49 The Journey Home Lorraine Nicholson
50 The Bipolar Relationship Jon.P.Bloch
51 ElectroBoy -a memoir of mania Andy Behrman
52 Practical Meditation & DVD Venerable Thubten Thundrup
53 Mindfulness-finding peace in a frantic world Mark Williams & Danny Penman
54 The Mindful Way Through Depression Mark Williams etc
55 Mind over Mood Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padensky

Library Multimedia

No. Title
D1 Ultimate Relaxation by Dr Hilary Jones
D2 Anti-Stress CD by Body & Soul
D3 Return Of The Angels by Philip Chapman
D4 Amazon Rainforest by The Best of Mother Nature
D5 Yoga for Inflexible People
D6 Yoga for Beginners
D7 Yoga for Stress Relief
D8 Stress Control by Dr Jim White
D9 Down Came the Rain by Brooke Shields
D10 AS Psychology Revision Guide
D11 Mental Fitness, health & wellbeing
D12 Psychology for the curious (Teach Yourself)
D13 10 minute Successful Self-Help Secrets by Amanda Walker

6. Carers

7. Advocacy, Government & Legal

8. Mood Monitoring Apps

9. Mobility & Flexibility Improvement

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Last reviewed: 24 March 2019

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