Disability Benefits Update

Social Security Update: Disability Welfare Benefits

Unfortunately Arlene from mental health advocacy organisation Advocard wasn’t able to join us at yesterday’s monthly meeting to update us on welfare benefit changes.

The Scottish Government has provided an update on progress being made towards transferring some welfare benefit powers from the UK Government. The change that will be of most interest to group members is the transfer of Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment to Scotland. Over 2,000 people have contributed their opinions on how they would like the new system to work. As a result, private companies will not be employed to assess claimants, people will be assessed less frequently if they have a long-term condition and dignity will be a core value.

Latest developments


Universal Credit Improvements

Scottish recipients will soon have additional flexibility over the way Universal Credit payments are made. Claimants can now ask for payments twice a month and for their housing payments to go directly to their landlord. These options will be available from January 2018.